Neuropeptide Syn Ake Eye & More


A composition of oils with nourishing, nutritional and protective properties. The recipe is based on 100% natural, unrefined oils from carrot root, almonds, rice, raspberry seeds, wheat germ and olives.


A luxurious cream serum for the eye area and mimic wrinkles. Based on the power of three neuropeptides, it has an anti-wrinkle, anti-edema effect, bringing a rested look and an “open eye”.

A luxurious creamy serum for under-eye and mimic wrinkles. Innovative formula harnesses the power of neuropeptides and active ingredients

selected for the care of delicate skin around the eyes. The serum eliminates wrinkles and puffiness in this area, nourishes, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin, bringing a rested look and ‘open eye’ effect.

The new edition of Syn Ake Eye & More serum is a luxurious, creamy, yet lightweight and well absorbed texture, perfect under make-up.:


  • cares for delicate skin around the eyes: moisturizes, firms, nourishes, strengthens
  • improves subcutaneous circulation, brightens dark circles around the eyes
  • eliminates mimic wrinkles around the eyes and in other areas of the face – fills them and neutralizes the micro-contractions of nerve fibres
  • opens the eye – giving the effect of a rested look without swelling
  • stimulates the skin to regeneration, revitalises it
  • relaxes the face, prevents the appearance of new mimic wrinkles or deepening of existing ones


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