Repair+ Toner


A composition of oils with nourishing, nutritional and protective properties. The recipe is based on 100% natural, unrefined oils from carrot root, almonds, rice, raspberry seeds, wheat germ and olives.


Toning and repairing preparation for toning the skin. The acidic reaction of the preparation restores the skin’s natural pH level, protecting it against the development of bacteria and imbalance of the microbiological balance. It contains collagen that has a repairing effect already at the toning stage.

Thanks to lactobionic acid, the toner visibly brightens and smoothes the skin, leaving it satin smooth (the so-called Satin Effect).The presence of Asian pennywort extract brings perfect hydration.

We enriched the toner with soothing skin allantoin and D-panthenol, which, like a soothing compress, prepare it for further care. Fish collagen peptides in Biopeptide Complex also reduce irritation, which additionally stimulate regeneration and rejuvenate the skin.

LARENS REPAIR+ TONER contains as much as 97% of ingredients of natural origin, the remaining 3% ensure comfort of application and durability of the preparation.

The cosmetic is intended for all skin types. Use it, especially when your skin is dry, tired, rough and lacking hydration.

If you avoid cosmetics containing: parabens, PEGs, phenoxyethanol, nylon, aluminum, PVP, SLS and microplastics, then Larens Repair+ Toner will be perfect for you.

The active ingredients of the preparation have been selected to work synergistically to achieve the optimal effect: toning, moisturizing, nourishing, strengthening and soothing the skin.


  • tones and restores the skin’s pH,
  • has a repair, moisturizing and firming effect already at the stage of cleansing the skin, thanks to the presence of fish collagen peptides,
  • perfectly moisturized, soft skin is due to the Asian pennywort extract,
  • the preparation soothes the skin thanks to d-Panthenol and allantoin, which, like a soothing compress, prepare it for further care,
  • lactobionic acid brightens and smoothes the skin, giving it a velvety smoothness.



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