Thermo Balm


Body lotion of velvet consistency, rich in green coffee extracts, Lipout™, Biopeptide Complex. It activates the thermogenesis processes in the skin, provides slimming and firming effects, smoothens, moisturizes.


Velvet-consistency body lotion of irresistible scent of coffee. It activates the thermogenesis process in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, reduces its excess and remodels the silhouette. The slimming effect is accompanied by restoring skin’s tension, firmness, and elasticity, as well as evening its structure.

The effects of the Thermo Balm’s use result from the synergy of highly concentrated ingredients known for accelerating the thermogenesis (fat burning) process, as well as stimulating the circulation and reducing cellulite. We owe it to the extracts of green coffee with caffeine and chlorogenic acid, as well as the Lipout™ complex containing Tisochrysis Lutea microalgae.

Furthermore, the coffee caffeine contained in the Thermo Balm together with the extracts from Ginkgo biloba (maidenhair tree), Hammamelis virginiana (American witch-hazel) strengthen and improve microcirculation in the capillaries, contributing to removing the excess fat and subcutaneous water from the tissues.

Thanks to the multi-tasking fish collagen peptides from the Biopeptide Complex, Thermo Balm moisturizes, regenerates, stimulates the skin to renew the collagen and elastin fibres, while the active ingredients of the product are carried into the deepest skin layers.

The regenerating and inflammation-soothing effects are strengthened by the plant extract from the witch-hazel and allantoin.

Nourishing, deeply hydrating, and oxygenating squalane acts as a natural sunscreen: prevents damages caused by UV radiation exposure.

You can read more about the properties spectrum of each Thermo Balm’s active ingredients in the Active ingredients tab.


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